The Common Vein copyright 2007

Turner Sunrise
04240p.800 water sun Turner like mist environment nature Davidoff photography Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD Davidoff photography 5star
Sunset in the Fields of New Hampshire
62572 Davidoff photography
Factory on the Shore
83879b01.800 Boston MAssachusetts from the airplane factory sunrise chimney stacks storage tanks water sea energy sky light electricity the common vein applied biology concepts interstitium 3rd space extracellular space Davidoff photography Davidoff MD
A Farm in Peru
0175.800 farm vegetables road transport units on the farmland oxygen sunlight clouds water TCV the common vein Peru Davidoff photography

Mountain Farms in Peru

0178.800 Peru farm wall units to unity mountains vertical agriculture food the common vein applied biology Davidoff photography Davidoff MD

Free and Fresh Air for the City

New York city – a combination of horizontals and verticals – glass mirrors and cement. Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. 02165p code accessory interesting

What is Happening?

02024p incomplete accessory detectives New York city Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD.

Chimney from the Underground

Smoke in New York city Courtesy Ashley Davidoff code accessory interesting chimney tube smoke New York 2001p
A trash can with styrofoam boxes from McDonalds, diet coke cans and Kit Kat wrappers. Does our garbage tell a story of the way we live? Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. 02013p code accessory interesting garbage waste radiologists and detectives Davidoff photography
Fishing on a Cold Morning
02054p  Davidoff photography

Drakensberg South Africa – Wire

In the dawn of the sunset,  two boys play with complex homemade toys in the hills of the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa – The straight  wires of the telephone lines carrying complex signals are in stark contrast framing the boys.  02105p Davidoff photography

Shapes in the Environment04216p.800 hill hillock curvilinear shape mountain sky shapes Davidoff photography Davidoff MD


In the Beginning…82849p.800  Davidoff art

Night and Day Meet82734p Mural on kitchen wall Davidoff art 

Water – Our Cytoplasm

80424p.8 water sea Mexico Playa del Carmen environment Davidoff photography

Birds Sea and the Human Interface

80467pb01.8 Mexico birds environment pelican sea Playa del Carmen Davidoff photography