Bonds and Bridges


The Common Vein

Copyright 2010

Bridge Intact

62639.800 bridge water intact white arch shape connection reflection TCV the common vein New Hampshire Davidoff photography
A What is Beyond?
A bridge in Rock Creek Washington DC surrounded by the refreshing green of an early Spring morning and the delicate pink and white petals of the Dogwood tree. Davidoff photography

A Bridge Broken

13227 bridge obstruction break disease disorder Davidoff photography

 Bridge Repaired02340p bridge repaired Potomac Washington DC water TCV the common vein Davidoff photography

Bridges of a Different Kind

An Old Saddle 02019p Davidoff photography

Tulips In a Bind
02037p Davidoff photography

I Ain’t Goin NowhereA rope, a ring a nostril, a beard, a tongue and a reluctant horse who will not budge. Davidoff photography 02134p

Danger – Keep out02042p Davidoff photography

Shoulder Bridge39177.800 bone shoulder joint clavicle fx healed fracture trauma normal humerus normal scapula plain X-ray Davidoff MD

Broken Bridge49456b01 49456 bone hand finger phalanx distal interphalangeal joint DIP 4th finger ring finger fracture through joint space probable avulsion fracture plain X-ray Davidoff MD

The Riverway Brookline –  Springtime

94968pb.8s trees bridge spring brookline Riverway April 12th 2010 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff Davidoff photography copyright 2010 April